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Ages of Sex, Las Edades del Sexo, nueva producción de Thagson Digital Media nos presenta un proyecto cuyo objetivo es plasmar la “realidad sexual” en cada una de las etapas de la vida del ser humano. 

Ages of Sex nos muestra 4 cortos basados en la sexualidad de la mujer en distintas décadas de su vida, pero no son las únicas experiencias o vivencias que puede tener una mujer y desde luego, también queremos ver el punto de vista masculino, por lo que LAS EDADES DEL SEXO es un proyecto abierto y sin fin, al que poco a poco, se irán incorporando nuevas historias rodadas por distintos directores y directoras que nos irán deleitando con nuevas realidades sexuales para el disfrute y placer de todos los que nos gusta el cine porno de calidad.

En ésta primera etapa, hemos reunido a 4 directoras de renombre en el cine adulto alternativo: Lara Tinelli, Mia Lehrner, Anna Brownfield y Morgana Muses; para que dirijan un corto que represente una realidad sexual de una mujer a sus 30, 40, 50 y 60 años. Cada una de las historias está marcada con el sello indiscutible de su directora lo que hace de éste film una película erótico realista con mucha personalidad. 

The Ages of Sex is a project created by Thagson Digital Media which aims to capture the “sexual reality” of each of the different stages of human life. In order to achieve this, each story is shot by a director who is close in age to the protagonists, meaning that they aren’t just able to offer their professional experiences but they also bring us a close emotional connection to the sexual age represented in their story.

The Ages of Sex is a Thagson Digital Media project. 4 well known directors will direct a short which represents a woman’s sexual reality in her 30s, 40s 50s and 60s. Lara Tinelli presents “SEX IN YOUR 30s”, contemplating the new way that people have of meeting and flirting with people, and the way in which the world of Apps has completely revolutionized personal relationships. In Mia’s story, “SEX IN YOUR 40s” she introduces us to a typical married couple and a protagonist how will soon discover that everything that has made her current situation possible is becoming gradually unstable. The story of SEX IN YOUR 50’s directed by Anna Brownfield contemplates the life of a couple who have achieved their main life goals but who has started to realize that there are so many things for them to explore, and one of them being: SEXUALITY. And finally, Morgana Muses present “SEX IN YOUR 60s”, an endearing story between two women who finally free themselves from social burdens and are able to experiment happiness and love as they had never before.

“The Ages of Sex” series consists of 4 shorts based on a woman’s sexuality in the different decades of her life, but they aren’t the only experiences which a woman can have, and we are also interested in discovering the male point of view. For this reason, THE AGES OF SEX is an open and end less project, and little by little new stories shot by different directors will be incorporated into the series. Allowing us to be spoiled by new sexual realities, providing pleasure and enjoyment for all those who enjoy high quality pornographic films.

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